being a parent sucks sometimes

Cassidy is 9.

He’s in 4th grade.

He has struggled his entire scholastic career to “fit in” with the current mode of public education.

We finally felt like we had a handle on things when he was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. We changed his diet and it was like having a fancy new functional and happy-all-the-time Cassidy!

Apparently these changes aren’t translating over to school.

He has busted his butt this semester to get better grades. I mean really worked hard.

I just saw his grades.

They’ve gotten worse.

His reading/writing teacher had some awesome things to say. Like: “Cassidy seems disinterested in his work.” and “He’s capable of better and more work.”

I think she has no clue how hard he struggles to stay focused in the chaos of the classroom.

I think he’s exhausted and frustrated by trying so hard and still feeling like he’s failing.

I think I want to home school him.

The options are:

A. Get him diagnosed with something so we can start an EIP and have him labeled for the duration of his scholastic career.


B. Home school for a while and see if we can help him make some changes to mainstream again in a year or two.

Fuck. Parenting is hard.

With a new baby on the way. (Yeah, it looks like that’s really happening, I’ll be 6 weeks in a couple days)

With a demanding Toddler.

With needing to move or remodel.

What the fuck is the best option for him?!

I have no idea right now, honestly.


One thought on “being a parent sucks sometimes

  1. Is he still having trouble with reading and writing? What grade are we talking about? I am HORRIBLE with Math, but reading and writing is something that I can do, so I might could find something to point you in the right direction to helping him get over whatever hump this is. Sometimes, teachers don’t have the time or ability to explain things in ways kids can grasp for a kid who’s having a difficult time.

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