then shit got real.

So- I was sad. So sad. To have lost a little baby.

Apparently the universe decided that was a mistake.

I’m already pregnant again.

4 weeks along today.

I’m nervous. And excited. And ridiculously happy.

And nauseated all the time.

The Travis was shocked. Then upset. Then worried. Now, I think he’s happy. We’ve been discussing names and cars to buy.

It’s still early, so there is a very real chance I could miscarry again.

I know I won’t though, deep down in my guts.

We haven’t told anyone because we know the judgement that will come with the announcement. At least, that’s my reasoning for not wanting to tell anyone yet.

I’ll try and keep writing here, since it’s for me and all. I always get really bad writer’s block when I’m pregnant and for about a year after. I’ll try to fight it this time.

Wish me luck.